What can DebtFast do for you?

As debt recovery solicitors we are a single point of contact for all debts, including disputed debts, right from the initial contact with the debtor to secure your money, through to court action and possible bankruptcy or insolvency if required. Many standard debt collection agencies will not deal with disputed debts. Using a debt collection solicitor from the outset can ensure your claim is taken more seriously, leading to a quicker resolution of any problems.

You are usually entitled to recover all costs reasonably incurred in pursuing your debt, including the cost of a Letter Before Action.

  • Stage 1

    Letter Before Action

    As soon as a debt is identified we’ll manage your debt collection process from the start.

  • Stage 2

    Legal Proceedings

    We can take over from your own debt collection when you are ready to issue proceedings.

  • Stage 3


    We can step in at the later stage of the process after you have obtained judgment.

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