Covid-19 – Does your business have cash flow issues? Are you concerned about the viability of your company? What steps should you take?

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With a roadmap now in place which will hopefully see us return to some form of normality, the journey out of lockdown will not be without challenges for businesses and the uncertainty will continue as inevitably the Government assistance will stop.

Rather than wait for that point, we would always advise you to look ahead to the future. In times of crisis it may feel that firefighting is all you can do. The uncertainty of what will happen in the next few months, and even years, makes it difficult to plan for the future but it’s important to plan ahead to avoid problems in the future and the threat of insolvency

DebtFast is powered by Debenhams Ottaway solicitors. In the link below, senior litigator Alexander Neale who specialises in insolvency talks you through the practical steps you can take if you are concerned about the cash flow or viability of your business.

I am concerned for the future of my company because of Covid-19. What steps should I take?

If you have concerns please contact Penny Daisley or Alexander Neale ( or and we can give you some guidance based on your circumstances.