Service Levels

The following procedures help us to ensure that we action your instructions accurately in accordance with agreed cost and timescale. We may agree to vary these procedures to accommodate your own systems.

Letter before action and fixed fee issue of proceedings

For fixed fee letters before action and issuing of proceedings please send us a completed legal instruction form or legal instructions spread sheet. Unless we have agreed an alternative method of accepting instructions we may make additional charges at our hourly rates for instructions not
received via this method or where instructions are incomplete.

Legal entity of debtors

If you are unsure as to the legal entity of the debtor we will make enquiries on your behalf and advise as to who to name as a defendant in any proceedings. We will use reasonable skill and care in doing so but there is a risk of you incurring additional cost if the defendant is incorrectly named in the proceedings.

Disputed claims

On other matters instructions can be provided in writing via letter, fax and email or via telephone.


The following typical timescales apply to actions to be taken through the Debt Fast service. In certain cases it may be possible to take action more quickly but additional costs and disbursements will apply.

Procedural step

Timescale to action

Time given to debtor to respond

Letter before action sent

Within 24 working hours of instructions

14 days

Proceedings issued

Within 48 hours

14 days from date of service to acknowledge proceedings and a further 14 days to file a defence if acknowledgement of service filed

Judgment entered

The day after the expiry of time for the debtor to respond to the proceedings

7 days from the date of judgment is received to make payment

Charging Order/Third Party Debt Order

Within 48 working hours of instructions

Typically 4-6 weeks between issue of application and hearing

High Court Enforcement and County Court Bailiff

Within 24 hours of instructions

Timescales vary dependant on the whether or not the defendant’s assets can be located and levied upon by the High Court Enforcement Officer or Bailiff

Statutory demand

Drafted within 48 hours of instructions and first attempt

18 days form the date of service to apply to set aside the demand and 21 days to make payment

Bankruptcy proceedings and Winding Up proceedings

Drafted within 48 hours of instructions.

Typically 4-6 weeks from the date of issue.

Service of process

Level 1 within 12 working days

Level 2 within 5 working days

Level 3 same day – within 3 days

Provision of information

We provide routine updates at various milestones as a matter proceeds. Our fixed and capped fee service does not include the provision of management information or updates other than at these milestones.

File closure

In the event that we have not received instructions in respect of a matter we will attempt to obtain your instructions on 2 further occasions. If we have not received instruction and a period of 3 months has elapsed since we last attempted to obtain your instructions we will close the file.