International Debt Collection & Recovery

Many businesses now have global networks, bringing them great benefits but can cause concern if your client does not pay your invoices. Overseas debt collection can be more complicated and we are on hand to assist you.

We are experts in dealing with international debt recovery. We can advise you on your client relationships and Terms of Business to ensure they offer you the very best protection. We have a wealth of experience in the collection of business to business debts overseas and work closely with a network of lawyers throughout the world to recover debts owed. If you need advice on collecting a debt that is outside of England and Wales then please contact us.

Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and arbitration awards

If you are based out of the Jurisdiction of England and Wales and need have obtained a Judgment that you need to enforce we are here to help you. Depending on the circumstances you have several options open to you which are detailed in our Enforcement Section. The options available to you will differ depending on whether the Judgment is owed by a company or individual. It may be in certain circumstances that to explore the option of insolvency may be more appropriate.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion to explore the options available to you.