The recruitment sector has changed significantly in recent years, and the legal and regulatory requirements have become more complex. With a wide range of legislation in place for both temporary and permanent workers and the rise in the use of social media for doing business, the recruitment sector needs to be alive to these changes and the challenges they bring. We offer discounted hourly rates and fixed fees for REC members.

Credit, debt recovery and insolvency

Our recruitment team can help you put in place robust credit procedures to minimise your exposure to bad debt, ensure compliance with your invoice financing and credit insurance terms and maximise the prospects of a recovery in the event of unpaid invoices.

We use civil enforcement and the insolvency process effectively to, where possible, promptly recover the value of your outstanding invoices. By using late payment legislation we can make the debt recovery process self funding and sometimes even profitable, returning additional funds to you to help fund your  internal credit control costs.

When you are facing an insolvent debtor we work with our network of insolvency practitioners to maximise the return that you receive.

Recruitment fee disputes

Fee disputes are common within the recruitment sector usually caused by the client either not understanding or trying to avoid their contractual responsibility. Our experience of such disputes allows us to resolve disputes promptly and at minimal cost. Where proceedings are necessary we often obtain summary judgment shortly after the issue of proceedings so as to avoid protracted litigation.

We help recruitment agencies with

  • non-disclosed engagements or ‘backdoor cases’
  • disputed transfer fees
  • disputed third party engagements
  • disputed permanent introduction fees
  • rates disputes
  • set off disputes from losses caused by temporary workers
  • cases where the client has failed to sign timesheets.